Hamish Swainson

Hamish Swainson is a fully qualified Acupuncturist graduating with an Advanced Diploma Acupuncture in 2000. He then began working while completing his studies with a Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture in 2003.

While undertaking his formal studies he also trained externally with the Australian Representative for the Japanese Acupuncture Association for 6 years. This apprenticeship style training gave him invaluable clinic experience, enabling him to specialise in the Japanese style of Acupuncture.

Over this time Hamish has had the great privilege of treating a wide variety of people from everyday mums & dads, to professional athletes (such as players from the Brisbane Lions F.C & Australian Olympic & A.I.S swimmers, divers & gymnasts), to retirees & young children; for an even wider range of complaints.

Not only has this experience with professional athletes helped Hamish to specialise in muscular-skeletal problems but he has also specialised in the area of infertility & hormonal problems through to pregnancy & postpartum care. He has helped many couples to conceive both naturally & through I.V.F support.